AWARENESS. Films and Environment.

Assembly Hall. Culture Centre PONFERRADA. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd.

Axis mundi

Dirección/Director: Diego Torres Freijeiro
Producción/Production: Síntesis Creative Studio
Intérpretes/Cast: -
4' (España)

“Mayas. Celts. Chinese. Most of our ancestors saw the tree as a sacred element. Unifying force of the three levels of Cosmos.’

Forêt mouvante (La selva inquieta)

Dirección/Director: Emmanuel Coquelou y Yanette Shalter
Producción/Production: Emmanuel Coquelou y Yanette Shalter
Intérpretes/Cast: -
27' (Francia)

‘Palm oil is a cause of massive deforestation in Indonesia. The destruction of the natural hábitat directly threatens the native population and wild fauna. Local NGOs make us see several aspects of the reality and fight to re-establish some balance.’

Hombre eléctrico

Dirección/Director: Álvaro Muñoz
Producción/Production: Yestay Producciones Ltda
Intérpretes/Cast: Gastón Salgado y Luz Molina
17'30'' (Chile)

“Gastón and his mother, Fresia live in a little, deserted village where mirages seem to come to life. Lonely characters inside of a community that seems to exist out of time. They are subjected to a memory of a forgotten past where voices, sounds, and gestures reveal the magic of a nostalgic world that opens with the turning of a bicycle wheel.’


Dirección/Director: Dina Velikovskaya
Producción/Production: Pchela-Studio
Intérpretes/Cast: -
8'45'' (Rusia)

‘Kukuschka is a bird that flies after the sun and seems almost to touch it, but the Sun is still far away. Suddenly, he is not alone anymore, but for two it’s very difficult to go forward so fast. He will reach the Sun and maybe, tomorrow will be the day after.’

La canoa de Ulises

Dirección/Director: Diego Fió
Producción/Production: Raíces Producciones
Intérpretes/Cast: Luis Chamorro y Isabelino Paredez
14' (Argentina)

‘Itaeté and Ulises, and old man and a teenager, are in the mountain building a canoe. Itaeté tries to instill Ulises his traditional legacy, but the kid is not interested. His real vocation is music. Ulises is a rapper.’


Dirección/Director: Carlos Caro
Producción/Production: No Solo Films
Intérpretes/Cast: -
3'30'' (España-Uganda)

‘A big invention is what makes us be what we are, even the invention of not consuming too much.’

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