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Dirección/Director: Fermín Muguruza
Producción/Production: Talka Records & Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Fermín Muguruza, George Ingmire, Doug Belote, Antonio Grambell, Scott Frock, Rick Trolsen, Rex Gregory, Brad Walker, Dan Oestreicher, Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, Helen Gillet, Devon Taylor, James Singleton, Brian Coogan, Derrick “Oops” Moss, Jonathan Freilich, Erica Falls, Katey Red, Mark Bingham, Chris George, Aaron Walker, Lily Keber, Yuki y Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
67' (España)

“10 years after Katrina, Fermín Muguruza travels to New Orleans and records with musicians from the city an album called “Irun Meets New Orleans” and a documentary where the main characters of the project: musicians, engineers, activists… tell us the catastrophe, the community reconstruction, the new challenges and the essential role of the music as a sign of identity and the celebration of life and death”.

Trío. Jane’s music of life

Dirección/Director: Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Producción/Production: Sevenrain Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Sevenrain Films. Intérpretes: Jane Goodall, Wolfgang Netzer y Gabriele Mirabasi
15' (España)

“Jane Goodall, one of the most inspiring and renowned activists of all time, has devoted the las five years to spread her message together with two musicians. Trío is a story about friendship, love to nature and passion for music. An intimate and authentic portrait about the most beloved primatologist in the world.

Up in the sky

Dirección/Director: Sami Natsheh y Arly Jones
Producción/Production: Cabeza Voladora
Intérpretes/Cast: Kapland
5' (España)

“A small story of hope is told mixing real image and traditional animation.”

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