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Dirección/Director: Kae Bahar
Producción/Production: Joka Films & Footprint Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Anita Dobson, Paul Copley, Daniel Dilani, Christianne Oliveira y Arietti Dickinson
19' (UK)

‘The old memories of pain and the consequences of war appear when Ako, a ten-year-old refugee, has to spend an evening with his English neighbours.’


Dirección/Director: Néstor Ruiz Medina.
Producción/Production: 7 Cuerdas Films S.L.
Intérpretes/Cast: Esther Acebo, Son Khoury, Taha El Mahroug, Abel Serbouti y Samad Madkouri.
22' (Spain)

“In the months before the war in Iraq, Abdel and Umayr, two brothers who are very close, have to separate. Months later, with the war at its climax, they find each other again, but none of them is the same.”


Dirección/Director: Juan Manuel Barreda
Producción/Production: Juana Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Claudio Luis García, Elizabeth Valdez y Salvatore Rogan
19' (México)

“Gustavo faces the loneliness of the old age growing anthuriums. One day, he bumps into a turkey that will change his lonely routine.”

Homónimos anónimos

Dirección/Director: José Luis Santos Pérez
Producción/Production: Factoría de Sueños, Brandonthebend y Burbuja Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Carlos Kaniowsky, Marta López, Mariano Monedero, Agustín Leiva, Áureo Gómez, Sandra Bolado, Gustavo Fernández, Laura Heredero, David Fdez. Mayora, Gelo Fuentes y Guillermo Núñez.
7' (Spain)

‘They are neither alcoholic or gambling addicts. They have not even done anything to provoke their situation. They did not choose their names, but now their life is a hell, and they need help. That is why they have attended a Namesakes Anonymous meeting.”

La invitación

Dirección/Director: Susana Casares
Producción/Production: Avalon P.C.
Intérpretes/Cast: Patricia Arbues, Teresa Soria Ruano y Rodrigo Poisón.
14' (Spain)

“One day at School, Silvia feels obliged to invite some of her classmates to a sleepover at her house. Now she does not have what her friends would call a house, though.”

Los Ángeles 1991

Dirección/Director: Zacarías & MacGregor
Producción/Production: Blackmilk Films & Fat Monsters Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Chris Conrad, Victor Ho, Jah Shams y Zach Telles
10' (Spain and USA)

‘Los Angeles, 1991. The streets have become a hotbed of tension and racial hatred about to explode. Today is a crucial day for Eladio: he is going to take revenge for the death of his oldest brother. In a few minutes, he finds out that he is not the only one who has reasons to kill somebody.’

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