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Dirección/Director: Jaime Murciego
Producción/Production: Jaime Murciego
Intérpretes/Cast: Jane Knight, Alfred Analo y Sarah Achieng
19'30'' (Spain)

“The boxers from Boxgirls Kenya find in the sport of the four rows of ropes the confidence, motivation, self-esteem and ambition that life has taken from them.”


Dirección/Director: María Luna
Producción/Production: Luna Wennberg Films y Dynamita Productions
Intérpretes/Cast: Tabitha Smith, Krystel Roche, Maria Luna, Kelcey Watson, Alfred Rutherford, Michael Montgomery Li y Wills Kanga
17' (USA)

“A very young European journalist who is in Kenya gets kidnapped and forced to share experiences with two prostitutes.”

Indios y vaqueros

Dirección/Director: Emilia Ruiz
Producción/Production: CLAVELITOFilms
Intérpretes/Cast: David Crivillé y Yolanda Belvis
4' (Spain)

“Leo’s daily home game is ‘cowboys and Indians’. Today, being five he has learnt a new game.”


Dirección/Director: Santiago Samaniego
Producción/Production: Santiago Samaniego
Intérpretes/Cast: Carmen Gutiérrez, Fernando Soto, Juan López-Tagle, Sandra Melero y Eduardo Candeira
24' (Spain)

“A family enters a crisis when it is found out that the youngest sister has been sending personal pornographic pictures to somebody called Omar”


Dirección/Director: Carlos Caro
Producción/Production: No Solo Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Sonia Chowdary, Ritu Saini, Rupa Saa y Neetu Mahor
10'30'' (India and Spain)

“Life can be hard and rough, but one’s attitude can change reality.’

¿Señor o señorito?

Dirección/Director: Cristina Piernas y Victoria Ruiz
Producción/Production: Victoria Ruiz
Intérpretes/Cast: Juan Carlos Talavera, Irene Ferradas, Coral Igualador y Alex Magallón
9'30'' (Spain)

“In a world ruled by women, Bernardo will have to go through a very particular working interview to get the position as a secretary that he has been looking forward.”

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