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Apolo 81

Dirección/Director: Óscar Bernàcer
Producción/Production: Nakamura Films
Intérpretes/Cast: María Maroto y Mikel Bustamante
12' (Spain)

‘Apolo81 is the nickname of a young player of cards who is related to the popular ‘Magic The Gathering’. He gets to the meeting point where his next opponent is waiting for him to play a game in which he will gamble much more than the points of the match.

Coming to terms

Dirección/Director: David Bertran
Producción/Production: Red Quasar S.L.
Intérpretes/Cast: Carissa Bazler, Wyatt Greene, Michael Maino y Nancy Daly.
16' (Spain and USA)

“Two Little kids want to reunite with their father in Heaven since they sincerely believe in a wonderful life up above.”

Don Fernando. Todos los tangos del mundo

Dirección/Director: Elina Roldán
Producción/Production: Elina Roldán
Intérpretes/Cast: Pedro “Toto” Faraldo, Héctor Gabriel Ponce y Angela Meléndez D’Lima
17'30'' (Argentina)

When Don Fernando, an eighty-year-old singer of milongas, sees a Young couple dancing the tango, he remembers an unfinished love from his youth and decides to tell his story and come back to the dancefloor after years of inactivity

My awesome sonorous life

Dirección/Director: Giordano Torreggiani
Producción/Production: Retrovisore Film
Intérpretes/Cast: Mico Cundari
7' (Italy)

“Lorenzo is an old sound technician who in his whole life has recorded different kinds of sound. He has been looking for the last sound to complete his collection for years. He finds many, but none of them is the right one until one evening he finds what he’s after.”


Dirección/Director: Javier A. Vigil
Producción/Production: Play Out Films
Intérpretes/Cast: Manuela Fernández Vivian y Guillermo Berthold
17' (Argentina and Spain)

“Andrés and Ana find impossible to cross a bridge. Isolated, they get engaged in an argument that goes through their own fears and disappointments, looking for a way to pass and finally reach a place that leads them to a new fate.”

Vida en Marte

Dirección/Director: José Manuel Carrasco
Producción/Production: Arturo Ruiz Serrano PC
Intérpretes/Cast: Ana Rayo, Luis Callejo, Marina Salas y David Castillo
16' (Spain)

What do you believe to be all human’s desire?

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