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La llamada

Dirección/Director: Alberto Rodríguez de la Fuente.
Producción/Production: Riesgo Audiovisual y Sr. Paraguas
Intérpretes/Cast: Tato Loché, Manuel Vallejo, María Alonso y Miguel Ángel Suárez
19'30'' (Spain)

“The future of Paulino depends on an only call”.

Made in Spain

Dirección/Director: Coke Riobóo
Producción/Production: Los Animantes
Intérpretes/Cast: -
11'30'' (Spain)

“A small scale surrealist portrait of epic proportions, it takes place in a sunny Spanish beach.”

Hostal Edén

Dirección/Director: Gonzaga Manso
Producción/Production: Películas Pendelton
Intérpretes/Cast: Mario Alberto Díez, Yanet Sierra, Juana Andueza, Rafael Revuelta y Verónica Forqué
13'30'' (Spain)

“Hostal Edén is a guesthouse at a humble and dirty road that is run by an elderly couple. There is an image of Virgin Mary on the wall of one of its rooms which tells the story of the different guests that have passed by there over the years”.


Dirección/Director: Ignacio Sepúlveda
Producción/Production: Caos Studio
Intérpretes/Cast: Mariano Venancio, Rosario Pardo, Guillermo Barrientos y Borja Luna
12' (Spain)

“A young banker draws near to personally deliver a notice of eviction. The situation he finds in the house of those who were once some of his best customers, make him seriously rethink the reason of his visit”.


Dirección/Director: Edu Moyano
Producción/Production: Amalgama Producciones y La Vinadella S.L.
Intérpretes/Cast: Pedro Miguel Martínez, Christian Sampedro, Gema Zelarayán y Alba García
15' (Spain)

“During a robbery in a 24-hours store, the robber takes hostage a guy that was going to commit suicide.”

La tête de l’emploi

Dirección/Director: Wilfried Méance
Producción/Production: Hilldale
Intérpretes/Cast: Philippe Du Janerand, Pablo Pauly y Laure Hennequart.
7' (Francia)

“Jean, 55 years old, recently unemployed, wait feverishly for passing his interview at Pôle Emploi. Rémi, his counsellor, has just finished his working day as soon as possible. They both were made to know each other…”

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