With the passage of summer and with the arrival on the scene of the first days of autumn, when the light draws the colors of the most beautiful landscapes of Bierzo, Ponferrada extends its red carpet to open the curtain to an unbeatable cultural offer of the hand of the Cinema.

From the City Council of Ponferrada we are proud to star in an event that is sixteen years old, because we’ve seen it grow, consolidate and now be part of our essence as a city that receives visitors with a great Monument to the Cinema. The sculpture is the work of Berciano José Sánchez Carralero, made in Corten steel, which represents the “frames” of films like “The innocent saints”, “Casablanca”, “Le Voyage dans la Lune”, “An Andalusian dog”, “The great dictator “,” Citizen Kane “,” The 400 Blows”,” King Kong “,” 2001. An odyssey in space “,” Novecento “,” The Birds”,”The Godfather”.

Our city hosts from September 28 to October 6 the Ponferrada International Film Festival, specialized in the promotion and diffusion of cinematographic and audiovisual works of very specific thematic contents -comedy, architecture, gender perspective, social commitment, human rights , music … -, which aims to bring cinema to audiences of all kinds: children, schoolchildren, university students, social services, immigrants or seniors, among others.

It is important to note that for the sixth consecutive year the Festival acquires an international character, open to any country and nationality. In this sense, the number of foreign participants has increased considerably, in total 78 countries. In addition, in this edition a total of 1,403 films have been registered between official sections, parallel and thematic cycles. In total, a total of 87 films have been selected and viewed.

One of the peculiarities of our festival is that the Retina prizes are awarded by the public attending the screenings, avoiding the election of any type of professional jury and highlighting its popular and democratic voting.

This year the origins of Cinema are inspired by the 16th Festival through the choice of the documentary film “¡Lumière! The adventure” of Thierry Frémaux begins. This year, in which our city also celebrates its 100th anniversary with a rich industrial heritage, the Festival’s motto is linked to French cinema as a pioneer and most influential country in the development of cinema.

I appreciate the great work of the organizers, and as the actress Elizabeth Taylor said, “ideas move the world only if they have been transformed into feelings before”.



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