Ayuntamiento de Ponferrada

The Ponferrada International Film Festival is a cultural event of the first order that reinforces every year the close ties that have always linked to the seventh art and the capital of Bierzo, or what is the same, links Ponferrada to the world of culture, which should fill all the Ponferradinos and Ponferradinas with pride.

This festival is an event specialized in the promotion and dissemination of cinematographic and audiovisual works with very specific thematic contents (comedy, architecture, gender perspective, commitment to social reality, human rights, music, environment, terror, author cinema and independent, …) and who intend to bring cinema to audiences of all kinds (children, university students, students of the Official School of Languages, professionals in education and social services, immigrants, seniors, ..)

It is noteworthy that this year the festival adopts for the seventh year international character, which indicates that it is open to works from any country and nationality, and explains to a large extent that a total of 1,342 films have been recorded in this edition, between official, parallel sections and thematic cycles, although finally, a total of 110 films that all Ponferradinos and Ponferradinas will be able to watch during all the days of the festival have been selected and will be watched throughout the Festival, being able to participate by voting best works of the so-called ‘Retina’ awards.

It is, in order to a great cultural manifestation and an honor for this city to host and collaborate in a festival of such high cinematographic quality.




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