Director del 17'Festival

Images symbolically united for a strange reason

When you look closely at the figure created to represent this year’s festival edition, he immediately realizes that it is composed of two completely different images, seemingly disjointed, but “symbolically linked images for some strange reason.”

There is no doubt that the symbology we use each new edition has a special meaning and the This year is very present in our own hallmarks: the omnipresent eye, the look of the retina that deceives us, the keys that open the locks of many doors, that move us to dark rooms, where we can see, feel and enjoy a multitude of stories told through moving images. It is the essence and the being of our festival. An especially thematic cinema.

Today we can still watch a movie on the big screen of a movie theater and enjoy of a unique experience, different, without distractions, but that must be protected, because the new media have transformed this habit, and now we can see cinema on multiple screens, in Anywhere and at any time.

It has also transformed the way of communicating the new generations of filmmakers, the which are using these new media to tell their stories differently, outside the star system and the film industry, in alternative circuits and locations.

These are the “strange reasons” why we must lay the foundations of what the future should be the most Immediate Festival and begin to open different doors, with other more innovative looks, more risky and much closer to a young audience that uses other means to communicate: Social networks, internet, mobile phones, etc …, where the important thing is what counts, and not so much How it counts

Thank you all for continuing to trust “Mi Retina me Engaña”

Happy seventeenth edition 2019




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