18'Festival Director

An old popular saying goes “leap year, sinister year”, and the truth is that looking back at other historical events that occurred in similar years, one realizes that sometimes the superstitious have reasons to think like this, although common sense invites to think the opposite, because tragic events happen every year.

It is a terrible year, especially for those who have lost loved ones or who have survived with consequences. There are many people who have lost their jobs, their companies … Our union and the world of culture in general was not going to be less and is also having a hard time.

Many Festivals and cultural events have been suspended or postponed, many others have tried to adapt to the current situation, in which every day that passes we have to learn to live with an invisible, hidden enemy that haunts us, that limits us, and that It conditions us when it comes to scheduling, organizing and being able to celebrate all our activities.

Surely we have a certain advantage when it comes to accommodating ourselves to this situation, since we are a small film festival, with few economic resources to hold parties, presentations, galas, etc., essential in large events, where the industry and the promotion has a great specific weight, and where the limitation of capacity and social distancing is a huge handicap.

In this 18th edition, what other years we could see in 9 days, with four daily sessions, will now be in 15 days with a single daily screening, respecting all the safety and hygiene measures established by the health authorities. In addition, as an important fact, most of the festival’s programming will be broadcast for the first time online and free of charge for all of Spain, during the same dates of the event.

Thanks to the 42 people from the different selection committees who have helped us to have a magnificent selection of films and especially to the 18 members of the professional Jury who this year will be in charge of awarding the Retina awards.

Thank you all for continuing to trust ‘Mi Retina me Engaña’.

Edition specially dedicated to all victims of COVID-19




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