El derecho a un techito

Fecha/Day: 30/09/2016
Hora/Hour: 21:00 h.
Lugar/Place: Assembly Hall. Culture Centre PONFERRADA

Categoría/Category: A Caring Look

Dirección/Direction: Antonio Grunfeld Rius
Producción/Production: Waka Films, Arquitectura Sen Fronteiras y Agareso
Intérpretes/Cast: -
Duración/Duration: 25'
País/Country: Spain and Guatemala

Synopsis: “For twenty days Raul and his family will sleep under a roof where the rain does not enter. Not even the fear. A roof that will protect them for the first time in their lives from violence, disease and injustice that torment the poorest of Guatemala. Arquitectura Sen Fronteiras Galicia works of the hand of his opponents ASIAPRODI and FODHAP to promote, under the philosophy of the social production of housing, the right to a decent home for the most impoverished people”.