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9 días en Haití

Dirección/Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
Producción/Production: Apaches Entertainment, La Trini y Colosé Producciones
Intérpretes/Cast: -
37' (Spain)

“Narrated in first person, it takes part in the Oxfam Intermón campaign, “Sí me importa”, which defends the importance of the development cooperation and the urgent need for the recovery of a critical situation. It has also an impact on the right to a second chance through the eyes of the children of the displaced people in Corail Cesselesse camp”.


Dirección/Director: David F. Torrico
Producción/Production: Twin Cousins y Leyenda Producciones
Intérpretes/Cast: Michelle Calvó, Antonio Dechent, Teresa Arbolí, Daniel Retuerta, Fernando Moreno, Adrián Pino, Elías Pelayo y Carmen Frigolet.
20' (Spain)

“Candela, a girl of 26, abuses psychologically his mother, without wanting to be aware of that, while living in an apparent and eternal adolescence, alien to the difficult circumstances she lives”.

El derecho a un techito

Dirección/Director: Antonio Grunfeld Rius
Producción/Production: Waka Films, Arquitectura Sen Fronteiras y Agareso
Intérpretes/Cast: -
25' (Spain and Guatemala)

“For twenty days Raul and his family will sleep under a roof where the rain does not enter. Not even the fear. A roof that will protect them for the first time in their lives from violence, disease and injustice that torment the poorest of Guatemala. Arquitectura Sen Fronteiras Galicia works of the hand of his opponents ASIAPRODI and FODHAP to promote, under the philosophy of the social production of housing, the right to a decent home for the most impoverished people”.

En vuelo

Dirección/Director: Jhon Mario Angulo
Producción/Production: Fundación Afroaudiovisual y Monocromo Estudio
Intérpretes/Cast: Intérpretes: Sofía Ospina Idrobo, Haroun Valencia Lozano y Nubia Faenza Palacios.
10'30'' (Colombia)

“Don Manuel, Doña Enelda and his daughter Sofía, five years old, live in the prolific mountains of Colombia, until the day they are violently exiled by an armed group. This fact forces them to leave his rural life and undertake a trip”.

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